MIX147 - TANTSUI | Soundspace


MIX147 - Tantsui | Soundspace

Moscow based electronic-live hybrid band TANTSUI have done a good job with bringing their emotive electronica sound to labels like Kindisch and NOPASSPORT.

We welcome the Russian creatives along for MIX147. Putting up tracks from DJ Koze, Tom Ellis and one of their own, it’s a gentle collection of tech and electronica, one that most people will enjoy.

Grab the stream and download below.

01. Unknown Artist – #ff0066 b
02. Silat Beksi – Its All About Feeling
03. Loopdeville – Ichmanya
04. Tom Ellis – Brainstew feat. Suz
05. Tantsui – Be There
06. Vid – Timpului
07. Moody – Freeki Mutha F cker
08. Leparente – Panorama
09. Seuil – Vespre & Bongos
10. VENDi – Annona
11. DJ Koze – Magical Boy feat. Matthew Dear