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MIX146 – Franz Alice Stern

Italian born, now Berlin based DJ & producer Franz Alice Stern has been making his mark on dance music through releases with Get Physical, SUOL, Constant Circles and With Compliments to great effect, his productions are a step above the output of your average producer with a techno attitude that’s softened by deep and tech influences.

Franz helps us bring March to a close with track selections that include Luke Hess, Yotam Avni, John Talabot and a heap of others, you can find the full tracklist and stream below!

01. Sven Weisemann – Dopamine Antagonist
02. Lusine – Ticking Hands Feat. Sarah McIlwain
03. Christian Morgenstern – Miscellaneous Pt. 4 (Don Williams Remix)
04. Benjamin Fröhlich – Spitting Image (Jack Pattern Reinterpretation)
05. CMD Q – B0T
06. Luke Hess – Lumern
07. Derek Marin – Görlitzer Straße
08. Justin Zerbst – Driftwood
09. Talaboman – Six Million Ways Feat. John Talabot & Axel Boman
10. Patrick Siech – Svävarterminalen
11. Yotam Avni – Tikkun
12. Christian Piers – Detachment (Trevino Remix)