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Maxime Alexander makes anticipated return to 1991 with dynamic release

No stranger to the South African electronic music scene, Daniel Lidchi has been making waves as a standout young producer for many years under a variety of different monikers. With a fine ear for detail and an eclectic taste that proves his passion for diversity and quality, he has currently been putting in the hours for his latest project, Maxime Alexander.

Having been raised on the sounds of Michael Jackson and inspired by the French electro movement of the early noughties, his sound has evolved into a refined blend of out-of-the-box house and techno. His latest release comes in the form of a two-track EP on South African label collective 1991 Global.

With a DIY approach to music and art, they believe strongly in using striking visual elements to contextualize musical narrative, which is reflected clearly in their distinct catalogue. With his first release on the imprint dating back to December 2015, his latest offering ‘Comme L’Amour’ opens up with the cinematic but powerful ‘Salon Rouge’. A considered combination of haunting vocals, warm floating synths and precisely programmed drums, the composition ebbs and flows between tribal Chicago-laced house and crunchy electro.

On the other hand, the B-side ‘Bruise’ does as its title suggests. With a beat-less intro of heavily distorted vocals, acid synth and wild percussion patterns, the track eventually kicks off unexpectedly with merciless off-kilter kicks à la Perc Trax. While his influences are clear, there is no evidence of trend-hopping or tasteless parody – instead, with each release it seems that the young producer is getting closer and closer to his own unique sonic identity.

Whilst many up-and-coming artists in the local scene seek some sort of instant gratification and follow fickle trends, Maxime’s approach clearly puts his craft first and when asked about what the future holds he responded by saying: “Oh boy, I just want to make a f**k-ton of music and art with 1991 to the best of my ability and enjoy the ride”. With honest intentions and an evidently sharp skillset he is definitely one young gun to look out for, and with aspirations of taking his sound worldwide he may be on your radar sooner than you think!