Max Cooper and Collate change the dialogue of Belfast nightlife | Soundspace

Max Cooper and Collate change the dialogue of Belfast nightlife

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“Belfast is absolutely buzzing at the moment, and you can sense the progress and excitement in the air and on the streets. When I came to Belfast and played as part of Quartz for Collate last year, there was a sense of potential I’ve not felt since the late 90’s in Liverpool…” Paul Nolan.

As I approach the MAC a potent aroma of curiosity hangs in the air. If you have read any of the previous pieces in the build up to Collate, or if you’re at all familiar with Max Cooper’s work, you will be well informed of the artistic, scientific and emotional nature of Emergence. However, if you were just winging it on the 16th April night then you may have had mixed thoughts about the whole concept. The Belfast scene is kicking off at the moment. ‘Doof’ dominates the urban landscape of a city whose energy can rarely be matched. So, how will people respond to a concept of a more artistic and ambient nature? The answer is very well.

Highlights from Max Cooper @ The Mac

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max cooper, soundspace, collate, belfast

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