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Premiere: Kaiser Souzai – The Old Gods

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Rating: 8.5

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Kaiser Souzai symbolises a meeting of the musical minds emerging from Berlin’s techno scene. Their influence comes from Pink Floyd and Genesis and the implementation of the Art-Rock Tech style of sound. This fused together with traditional techno roots makes for a beautifully integrated sound.

The duo are no strangers to the electronic world. Releases on Definitive Records and Trapez, as well as remixes for prestigious names such as Dave Seaman and Booka Shade, have received strong support from Joseph Capriati, Sven Vath and Steve Lawler.

Kaiser Souzai’s latest project is coming out on Throne Room Records and features two original tracks as well as remixes from Ant Wilson’s latest alias, Chicago Loop, and 90’s acid house don Stanny.

‘The Old Gods’ is the lead track taken from the collective’s impending EP. A quick tempo’d bassline rolls on and on as abstract noise swirls, creating an image of a grey and mysterious landscape. Huge horns and robotic synths create a beautiful bleakness.

Kaiser’s Souzai’s EP and remixes will be out on Throne Room Records on October 31st.

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