Jon Rundell shares ‘Poetry’ and ‘new way of distributing music’

Jon Rundell shares 'Poetry' and 'new way of distributing music'

source site ETCH label founder Jon Rundell marks his return with a bold stamp on the throat of music distribution, dropping new production ‘Poetry’ as a free download. follow ‘It’s about engaging with the brilliant younger generation coming into the scene, who enjoy the music in a more modern way and have no interest in being a DJ. It’s not the industry driving this anymore, it’s them’.

source url Rundell revives his ETCH imprint and delivers the tech stomper as a free mp3, as well as making the stems available to anyone willing to have a go at remixing it. Jon vows to put out free music and stems ‘every few weeks’. source site ‘Some people will think I’ve gone mad with all this, but I really don’t mind if they do, I’ve always been anti establishment deep down anyway.’

säkert köp av kamagra Grab ‘Poetry’ and it’s stems below. Each track will also be available on SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube.