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Interview: Vikthor

Interview: Vikthor

Naples based DJ and producer Vikthor is on a steady path to being included amongst the next generation of Italy’s techno royalty, his music has already landed on the likes of Bush, Intec, Orange and Redrum.

We spoke to the Italian artist about finding his feet as a young DJ, working with Carl Cox and what he has to come in 2019, find the full interview below.

Hi Vikthor, it’s nice to be speaking with you today, how are things going in Naples where I understand you are based?

It’s my great pleasure. I was born and currently live in Caserta, but my music comes from the Neapolitan Techno which is local to my home town. Naples is a nearby city, and it’s a great city for culture in general.

I love spending my time off there, and as you know through the years, Naples has been the main stage for many artists I had the chance to listen to. Things are ok, even though we do deserve better city council/new administration to help the growth, as Naples is only at 30% of its potential really.

I read you were involved in music from an early age playing your first gig at only thirteen years old. How did you first get into electronic music, as it seems you discovered it at a younger age than most?

Yes, actually I had a strong attraction to music since childhood. As a child, I went to a carnival party and there was a DJ mixing with turntables, and I kept my eyes on him all through the whole party and since that very moment I became obsessed with DJ equipment.

Time and passion plus a bit of luck immediately led me playing in tiny clubs in the city when I was 14 years old, with the help of some friends who organized some parties, but at that time I was only familiar with house and tech house.

I heard techno a few years later at a disco called Metropolis in Naples, and finally fall in love with it at Old River Park, which for music is a place of charm and incredible atmosphere. Some years later, I started learning to produce my own music, and instantly a strong and intense inspiration was moving inside. My life had changed forever, and I decided what my main goal was.

What’s it like living in Naples where so many of the world’s best techno artists are from, such as Joseph Capriati and Luigi Madonna. What is it about the scene there that’s made it such a breeding ground for talent, and who are the local artists who have inspired you the most?

Naples is an old city, founded in the 8th century, and over time there have been many wars fought in this city. Each time the city was concurred the winning side, which brought its own art and culture that influenced the surviving population, and all those vibrant cultural influences have led to creativity being in our blood. We are passionate, friendly and wild, so performing on a stage in Napoli is like having the time of your life.

DJ’s here are seen like popstars, some are treated with the same admiration as soccer players or other mainstream celebrities.

Naples for many years was a city of both house and techno. Two main promoters made this city unique in terms of music, and all of us are thankful we were given the chance to get to know artists from worldwide.

Both Capriati and Madonna are the new stars that are making techno big worldwide. But we cannot forget other icons of Neapolitan techno history like Rino Cerrone, Markantonio, and Gaetano Parisio. Those pioneering guys were my initial inspiration, I admire their professional careers, and everything they have achieved so far.

In 2018 you released on Carl Cox’s Intec for the first time, and you recently dropped your follow up on the label. Could you talk us through that new release?

Yep, in 2018 I signed my first EP Hit The Run, and this year the second EP Rebel. Rebel is one of my favourite tracks, and listening to it gives me a sense of pride and happiness, especially the vocal that I used, as hearing it really excites me. My Mood takes inspiration from the old underground raves in the ‘90s and as a result, the sample is a dive into the past.

Both have been supported by many artists including Carl Cox and Adam Beyer. I am so happy and proud to have such legends champion my tracks.

Keeping on the subject of Carl Cox, is there a story behind how you first made contact with his label?

My manager has a long lasting friendship with Carl, as I mentioned Naples was a stopover for the world’s best artists. Therefore when they learnt he was playing in Italy, they went to say hi, and I had this great opportunity to leave my demos with him.

However, I had already sent some music to Intec, as my managers was in touch with the Intec team. Carl remembered about my demos, as said he was already playing some of my tracks. I was so impressed he remembered me!

Afterwards we confirmed Hit The Run, Savage, Rebe alnd My Mood would come out via two separate EPs on Intec Digital. Soon after Carl was playing my remix of Twilo by Elio Riso & Muter as the opening track of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and soon he started supporting my music all over the world. You can imagine my emotions went wild.

You had made a number of releases prior to your music landing on Intec, which other labels have you worked with, and what’s coming next on your schedule?

I released music on the legendary Bush Records run by Eric Powell, and Steve Mulder’s Orange along with many other labels. There is a lot of my music out there which I can’t announce just yet, but I hope I can do it soon. I also hope to be able to return to Intec with an even stronger EP.

When making music what equipment do you usually use, is it mainly software and virtual instruments, or do you also own some hardware synths?

I work with Ableton Live, and I use some digital instruments, but also analogue instruments, it depends on what I want to create, and what I need. At the moment I am working a lot in digital formats, and there are many virtual instruments that work really well, and they allow you to do a lot of things.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, is there anything else you would like to add before we wrap things up?

Thank you for the opportunity! At the moment I am working mainly in the studio, as I have a lot of music to deliver and a tough schedule to keep. Currently I am playing mainly in Italy and Europe.

I would like to say that I am thankful to icons such as Carl to take good care of us young producers, giving us visibility, support and opportunism. It means a lot and I owe so much of my success to him.