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Interview: Rhythm Distrkt

Premiere: Rhythm Distrkt - Footwork

The debut release from Newcastle based producer Rhythm Distrkt brings a heavy set house trio to Ki Creighton’s Under No Illusion imprint.

Already known for running parties in his hometown, his inaugural ‘Grind It Out’ EP combines the title track with ‘Footwork’ and a remix from Serge Santiago of Waze & Odyssey fame.

Following our premiere for Footwork, we got the chance to ask the Geordie about how to EP landed on Under No Illusion, how DJing influences him in the studio, and where things are headed for both his music, and his parties.

Your inaugural release ‘Grind It Out’, tell us about the EP, how did it come together in the studio?

Hey, the EP came together pretty quick. The total process took about three days to write and mix. Sometimes I sit on tracks for weeks and then revisit them with fresh ears for tweaks etc.

In this case me and label head Ki Creighton wanted to road test the tracks in our B2B set at Shindig Newcastle so I worked fast to get them finished. In the end the tracks worked well so no changes were needed.

Both tracks are different in their respected genre but have the similar hints of percussion to round the release off nicely.

And it includes a remix from Serge Santiago, what’s your thoughts on the edit?

I love Serge’s sound at the minute, he’s making some big moves under his own name separate to Waze & Odyssey.

When I got told he was remixing the track I was extremely excited. The remix has received amazing feedback on promo from some huge industry heads and compliments the original perfectly. I particularly like the stabs just before the drop. They really help the track roll in a club.

You’re known in Newcastle as a promoter with the Distrkt brand, why did you decide to pivot into releasing music?

I’ve released music for years under multiple alias’s experimenting with different sounds. After curating the Distrkt brand and deciding with my business partner that music policy is key, I felt a darker artist moniker would be beneficial to me and the brand moving forward.

And we assume you’re a DJ first and foremost, what kind of influence did that have on your studio sessions?

DJ’ing has a huge influence on my studio sessions. Most of the time after testing tracks in a club I will jump back in the studio and change something. I would say 70% of the time it will be arrangement, making a breakdown shorter/longer or adding a percussive element at intervals to keep the track interesting.

My tracks over the last year have been getting shorter & shorter to fit my new style of quicker mixing.

This one comes out on Under No Illusion, are there any other labels you plan to add to the list soon?

There’s a few I can’t quite mention yet, I’ve been producing under Rhythm Distrkt for the last year so have an extensive back catalogue of tracks that are getting some serious support off big hitters.

I also have plans with my business partner to release music from all our residents under Distrkt Recordings. Many if not all these releases will be in collaboration with myself.

When thinking about which DJs to bring to Distrkt, what kind of process goes into deciding who plays?

We are coming up on seven months now since we launched Distrkt. Deciding who plays is easy at the moment, we are really focusing on building a strong, tight knit roster of residents and have taken massive pride in being able to provide a platform for artists’ from the area who have needed a platform on which to showcase themselves for some time.

Although some of our DJ’s are relatively new to playing in front of a crowd, none of them are short of the skill and maturity it takes to be able to mould a set to suit the time, place and people in front of them, which is so important. This approach passes over really well into the concept and reputation we are trying to establish as a brand too.

We strive for people to attend our parties because they want to be on that Distrkt dancefloor, with complete faith in the fact that no matter who is playing, it is going to be a serious vibe.

Where do you want things to be in five years? Both for your music and for Distrkt?

On the music side, just keep aiming to release on the labels I look up-to and love. Anything else that comes with that is a bonus in my eyes.

On the event side we plan to grow the Distrkt brand with multiple UK events up & down the country. We are already in talks with some dream clubs and promoters for 2020.

It’s been great to chat, before we wrap things up, tell us one track that always gets you on your feet?

Thanks for having me. That’s a good question, would probably have to say Inner City – Good Life. Gets me on my feet every time.

Rhythm Distrkt’s Grind It Out EP is out now on Under No Illusion.