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Interview: Markantonio celebrates 20 years in techno

Interview: Markantonio

Undoubtedly known as an essential contributor to the thriving techno scene in his hometown of Naples, Italian producer Markantonio will impressively celebrate two decades in the game this year.

Over the past twenty years, he has released on a number of top imprints, including Unrillis and Drumcode, collaborated with guys like Joseph Capriati and also heads up his own AnalyticTrail label.

We had a chat with the Italian native about how the industry has changed during his tenure, what he’s planning to mark the milestone and what he has coming on AnalyticTrail.

Hi Markantonio, we have covered your music before, but it’s nice to be speaking with you directly. How are things going at the moment?

It is my pleasure to speak directly with you. Currently things are going well and I have a lot of recording projects coming out. I’m currently working on many new things because this is my twentieth year as a producer, and I want it to be a starting point for just as many years to come.

You just mentioned that 2019 marks your twentieth anniversary of releasing music. How do you think electronic music has changed over the last two decades?

The music itself hasn’t really changed, but what has changed a lot is the record market and DJs. Social media and the advent of MP3’s have globalised everything in electronic music and the image of DJs. In my opinion, most of today’s audience that follow this genre are very interested in watching the music performed instead of just listening to it, and therefore in a short time the whole market has changed. Things like Boiler Room have brought the club into the home and this has started a new way for people to access electronic music. I honestly believe that today’s market has changed radically because new technology has changed the way we all live our lives, and the music industry like everything else has adapted to those changes.

Twenty years is quite a legacy and something very few people in this industry achieve. Do you have anything planned to celebrate such an impressive milestone?

Certainly 20 years must be celebrated properly. I recently began a mini tour that started in Naples on January 26th with the format called “All These Years”, which sees me as the protagonist of the evening playing sets including music from my first to the last album. On this tour I’ve already performed in Naples, Rome, Barcelona and on Sunday the 10th of March I will be at London’s iconic venue Fabric. During the rest of this year we will be going to many other cities with this format.

Many people also know you because of AnalyticTrail. How long have you been running the label and are you excited for the next release, as I understand it’s an EP of your own music?

I’ve run my label AnalyticTrail since 2001, and yes the upcoming release will be made by me and the Canadian producer Atroxx titled 1965 that is due out on the 29th of March. I’m super excited about this release which is a three track EP that I’ve played a lot in my recent gigs, and the reaction of the crowd has always been amazing.

Your last EP was on Unrilis. Talk us through that release and your relationship with the label?

Yes my previous release was Percussion Damage released last week on Unrilis, which is a highly regarded Neapolitan label founded by my good friend Rino Cerrone. The EP consists of two original tracks plus a remix by BEC who is an English artist who has also released on my label. I have a solid relationship with Unrilis and I have produced many EP’s for them. I’ve also collaborated on tracks with Rino Cerrone. I was very pleased to feature on the label in the year of my twentieth anniversary as it’s an imprint I’ve always been very fond of.

You are also a very successful DJ and have played all over the world. What are your favourite clubs or events to perform at?

I was lucky enough to play at many clubs over the years and choosing just one favourite would be impossible. Certainly playing in my home city of Naples is always special, but I get this same sense of excitement also performing in Rome. Spazio 900 in Rome has imposing and stratospheric lights that in a location made entirely of marble really gives a visual effect like no other. When I’m on tour in South America the warmth there is something difficult to forget, but then there is also the impressive stage design of Dutch festivals, or the intimacy of underground clubs in Germany. Every venue and crowd always has something so special that I love them all for something different.

And before we go, what festivals might you be playing at this summer?

This May I will perform at the Toffler festival in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, and in June I will leave for a long tour through North and South America, Indonesia and Australia.