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Interview: Luca Gaeta releases his Self Control EP on Tronic

We spoke to Luca Gaeta about his Self Control EP on Tronic

Based in the small town of Avellino in the south of Italy, Luca Gaeta is swiftly growing into one of the countries top techno prospects. His tunes have landed on Respekt Recordings, Redrum, Hydrozoa and this month he will return to Christian Smith’s Tronic imprint.

Amongst Gaeta’s catalogue includes collaborations with techno veterans Spektre and Steve Mulder, and he has seen remixes on his original tunes from elite producers such as a Durtysoxx and Matt Sassari.

His return to Tronic will see him deliver a three track EP titled Self Control which brings a dark and heavy techno aesthetic that’s tamed by clean melody work and strong arrangements.

We had a chat with the Italian up ‘n comer to discuss the release as well as his plans for the future.

Hey Luca, thanks for taking some time to chat, are you enjoying the longer days as we move into summer?

Hi, it’s a great pleasure to talk with you, so these days I’m preparing new demos for my next releases, doing some new EPs for various labels and I have also finished off a few new remixes. You know: the longer the day, the better the work.

And you will mark the end of Spring with a release on Christian Smith’s Tronic imprint, a three tracker titled Self Control, what can we expect from the EP?

I’m really happy to have signed an entire EP on Tronic. About the tracks I can tell you that they describe my style, melodic but at the same time with a very intense bass-groove. It was the biggest reward, I gained that confidence from the many hours of working in the studio alone. I also hope to run my first top 10. Fingers crossed!

It’s not your first time releasing with the Tronic label, how have you found working with them?

My works with Tronic started last year with my track Ascension in collaboration with Spektre, almost reaching the top 10 of Beatport; from there I stayed in touch with them and signed a track on a various artist album in January and then finally I signed the EP. It is very satisfying to work with them as well as being a great pleasure. Tronic holds a special place in techno circles.

Can you tell us about any other labels you might be releasing on in the coming months?

I don’t really make music with a specific label in mind anymore. For me, It’s better to make music that I’m 100% happy with and have a think of some potential labels afterwards, rather than make something only for a label. Anyway in the next month (June) I will release on Rob Hes’ Pursuit. Then I am waiting for some great news, that I will reveal to you shortly.

You’re based in Avellino, a relatively small town in the south of Italy, have you ever considered a move to a bigger city?

Obviously I have already thought about moving elsewhere, but at the moment I am studying electronic music in my town, after which I intend to move to Berlin, city of music and techno and maybe continue my studies there.

And what can we expect from you in terms of gigs over the next while?

Apart from my release, about my next gigs I’m waiting for some confirmation, so follow my socials and i’ll share it with you.

It’s been great to catch up, let’s close things out with a tune or EP that has really resonated with you so far this year?

I think I’m in love with the power and simplicity of Secret Cinema & Egbert’s Maximaal, released on Drumcode, both on the dance floor and just when you’re listening to it on your own and I also really love my track Shadow, released last year on Mark Reeve’s Subvision.