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Kill Frenzy on his new EP for Danny Howard’s Nothing Else Matters

Interview: Kill Frenzy

Kill Frenzy’s releases for Dirtybird, Hypercolour, Relief and Turbo have not only proven his own work ethic as a producer, but highlights Belgium’s ability to output high quality dance music.

His latest sonic creation finds him release on Danny Howard’s Nothing Else Matters imprint, with Kisch on vocals and a remix from German selector Gerd Janson, it’s a double tracker that you can’t afford to miss out on.

We caught up with Kill Frenzy to ask him about the new EP, what he has coming up on other labels, and how he compares the Belgian dance scene to other countries.

Talk us through your recent release for Winners, how did you come to work with Kisch?

I was working on this record being inspired by a lot of old Bonzai Records stuff and hardcore breakbeat stuff. I was looking for somebody to sing those lyrics and my manager suggested a guy he knew who could maybe give it a go. A day later Kisch sent it over and that’s it, it was that smooth really. I love it when things go easy like that.

And the EP also includes an edit from German talent Gerd Janson. You must be thrilled to have him deliver a remix?

I have been listening to his mixes and productions for a while, I love how he breaks all boundaries and plays so eclectic. People know him for doing that and I am jealous of that. I like playing many different styles as well but I don’t think many people expect it when they see me play, so hopefully one day I’ll get to his level.

Dirtybird, Turbo, Relief and Hypercolour are among your past releases, how did this one land on Nothing Else Matters? Do you like to change things up often?

This record was quite different from the records I have been doing before, so it was searching for a label that was doing something different from where I would usually release music on and Danny Howard was so excited about it, he was asking about it all the time so it felt natural to go with him.

And what advice would you give to an emerging producer who wants to aim for a release on the big imprints?

Green Velvet said something that always comes up in my mind. “Be undeniable.”

Do you have anything squared away that’s coming out soon?

I just had an EP come out on W&O Street Tracks with three tracks that are just straight club tracks I have been playing a lot in my sets. I made some fun disco edits that put a smile on my face for my friend Justin Jay’s label Fantastic Voyage. I have multiple things that are almost finished as well that will be released soon.

What about as a DJ? Where can we find you playing in the coming months?

I actually decided to take a little time off to work more on music. I am planning some big tours next year all over. Saying that, I will play a few next month though. November 6th in Denver, November 8th in Portland and November 9th in Santa Barbara.

You’re a native of Belgium, a country who’s output of DJs has exploded in the past few years, how do you compare your local scene to the rest of Europe and the world?

To be honest I haven’t been home for the longest time, so I can’t really say what the scene is like right now. I think it’s always been exploding with artists actually. When I got started, I was looking up to many Belgian DJ’s; I think I took it for granted that we had so many great DJ’s really, I didn’t even think about it.

Only now I realise how lucky we were and we should cherish this. Whenever I am back, what I still can’t get over is how ridiculously low the decibels are in clubs because of the law. I think they are being a bit strict on clubs and events. I think the music scene in the Netherlands might be a bit healthier at the moment.

Thanks a lot for taking some time to chat, before we go, tell us one goal you have for the 2020 year?

Thank you for having me. My goals? Have a steady output of good music!

Kill Frenzy’s Winners EP is out now on Nothing Else Matters.