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Interview: John Monkman talks releasing on Crosstown Rebels

London based John Monkman is in a celebratory mood on his latest EP. Having already released on the likes of Kompakt and Crosstown Rebels, John’s latest project sees him draw inspiration from the classic Moog Voyager. The HARMONIX EP was constructed using only one synth, a challenge the artist set himself.

Coming complete with a remix from Dekmantel and Ghostly affiliated artist Matrixxman, John’s new EP seals a journey provoking package. We caught up with the man himself to chat a little about it.

The HARMONIX EP was created as a celebration of the Moog Voyager. Just how influential has this piece of kit been to you?

I got the Voyager around 9 years ago. We’ve been through somes good times together. It’s a reliable bit of kit. When you find the sound you want it always stands out in the mix. Like a good vocal it doesn’t need much work i.e EQ, compression etc.

You created the project using only one synth. What was the thinking behind this? Was it a challenge?

I can often get way too carried away and use a lot of synths/patches in my project. For these sessions I decided to restrict myself to one machine which made the writing process a little more challenging and ultimately more fun.

The EP features a remix from Matrixxman, how did this come about? And how does his rendition differ from the sound of the original?

I’ve been into his music for a while now. We contacted him and gave him a choice of HARMONIX1 or HARMONIX2, he went with 2. I’m really happy with where he ended up. It respects the original whilst taking it on a new journey. Very cool.

You have recently launched your live show concept, how’s it going? Was the transition to live performance a natural step for you as an artist?

Going well thanks. What I like about doing the ‘live’ is it really changes the way you work in the studio, you think about things in a different way. I write a lot of music however sometimes when you DJ at gigs you don’t always get to play certain songs however in the live setup I can be more flexible.

Can you tell us about any future projects coming out on your Beesemyer Music imprint?

Next month I will release 1 of 2 EP’s from a new UK electronic duo called Anaphase – their music is next level and [i’m] excited for people to hear. The first EP is called ‘Disconnect’, I’ve worked on a remix which will join the package. In August we release their second EP called ‘Cortex’ which includes a great remix from Theo Kottis.

Where can people catch you gigging over the next couple of months?

Next couple months is looking good. I’m looking forward to playing in Berlin on the 15th July with Pleasurkraft and if you’re in Ibiza on the 27th July i’ll be playing at Lio so come and say hello.

HARMONIX is out now on Crosstown Rebels.