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Interview: Italoboyz

Interview: Italoboyz

Italoboyz are a duo consisting of Marco Donato and Federico Marton, we caught up with the guys following their new EP on Davide Squillace’s This And That Lab label.

Earlier in the year they also dropped a new release on Crosstown Rebels, and their charismatic style of electronic music has featured on many other highly respected labels.

Hi guys, it’s nice to be chatting with you today. Have you had a busy 2019 so far? It seems you have already dropped a couple of big releases?

Hi, thank you for your invitation! Yes, we started nicely with the 12” on Crosstown Rebels, continuing with the This And That release, and there will soon be more coming up on our label Superfiction Recordings.

Your most recent release was on Davide Squillace’s label This And That Lab. What’s your relationship like with Davide? How did you first meet?

We have known Davide for between 10 and 15 years so it’s been a very long time. We’ve played together a few times in the past, and we also released on his label a few years ago. It was called the La Ondasa EP and it had a G-Man remix. So our working relationship with Davide is an old one.

Keeping on the subject of your most recent release, there is a track by Durant, could you shed a little bit of light about that project?

Durant is the solo project of Marco who is one half of our Italoboyz project. Marco has put out music as “Italoboyz Feat. Durant” or “Durant” since 2014. I actually think that his first release as Durant was the This And That release in 2014 that I’ve just mentioned. Wow, it’s crazy to think that it’s already been 5 years since that EP, time flies!

Blind Minded is also on the release, and I wanted to ask about him, as it seems you have a really strong working relationship?

Yes, we have known each other for 20 years or so, and have a very strong relationship, as we’ve been working together on many projects including our label Superfiction Recordings, but also for many other labels including Moon Harbour, Trapez, Saved, ViVA Music, Deeperfect, Snatch! and more.

And how are things going on the DJ side of things, and what’s it like playing as a duo? Do you usually play back to back alternately playing one record each, or half the time slot to individually play a short set?

Mainly we play kind of back to back, which usually means one record each, but many times we do three records each, or sometimes five records each if we are on a vibe. Splitting the set in two we have never done mainly because it’s too much waiting around. Also, because unless you have a super long set there often would be another time factor, as we would each need at least an hour each, otherwise when you are getting properly into it our flow is already over.

Playing together can sometimes be challenging because you are not individually in 100% control of what’s going to happen, and that could have positive or negative effects if we are each picking up different vibes from the room. We sometimes disagree on track selections, but usually, we really click and together play a set that individually we could never have done.

And what is it like producing as a duo? Do you always sit together or you have different formulas?

Very rarely do we sit together in the same studio, not only because one is based in London and one in Berlin, but because we both have a very hands-on style of working. So often we start a new idea on our own before the other gets involved to help finish it.

Italoboyz new ‘Melodies Of Ska In Paradise’ EP is out now.