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Interview: Anja Schneider

Interview: Anja Schneider

First known for her dominant reign with Mobilee Records, it’s now been one year since German DJ, producer and label boss Anja Schneider started out fresh with Sous Music. And since then she has released a full length album from herself and an EP from Francesca Lombardo.

We had a chance to sit down with Schneider to chat about Sous and why she felt it right to start a new label, as well as her brand new EP, ‘Run The City’, which she mentions is a nod to the everyday struggles of life. Find the full interview below.

Thanks for chatting to us Anja! We have been long-time fans since the early Anja days. Can you tell us what have been some of your career highlights and low points?

Thank you for that! Of course, after being in this business for so long, not everything always goes on the way up. I had so many amazing years, with the two labels that I built up. I am so happy to be able to work in music and feel very humbled that I can do what I love for my career. Music is always fascinating, and the passion and fire is still there for sure.

Of course, there are also low points as with any job and as a DJ I guess the main concerns are travel issues and mental health problems – you are always on the road, and generally it’s lonely at times, along with being stressful when you feel the need to always be running at 100% which is not possible every day.

You do have a lot of pressure and you have to learn how to fight your demons who are always with you along the way. It’s not easy to leave friends and family at home, and I often get homesick when I am away for longer periods of time. I am also not the artist who wants to share every part of my life on social media, and I like to ensure that things some things are kept private, which is important.

Obviously, your split from Mobilee was announced last year, was this a hard decision for you? Do you feel a year on, it was the right move for your career and on a personal level?

It was a very important first step on the journey to find myself as an artist and also rejuvenate my creative workflow. I felt like I was a little lost at times and became too involved in a business model – rather than the music, which was never something that I set out to do, so it didn’t feel right. Change is good, and the last year has been exciting and challenging in all the best ways possible.

Sous Music was the next chapter for you, and you have been putting out some really cool releases. What’s your vision for the label and its musical output?

Initially it was to give me the freedom and space to do what I really feel musically, and to also release music at the time when I thought it was right. I have had some amazing artists on Sous including Francesca Lombardo, and the next is going to be a release from Billy Turner – a young and upcoming techno talent from the UK, I love his music.

I was very careful with the choice of the artists that I have confirmed releases for so far, and my goal is to try and create timeless music with timeless artists for the imprint.

Your LP ‘SoMe’ was your first release on the label and also your first album in 9 years. Why did you feel the need to release another album? How is the process of making an LP compared to an EP?

I thought it was about time that I reflected on my musical roots and I wanted to put the album together since quite some time before it was released. I had some of the tracks ready for almost a year and it was just the right time to put them together.

Of course, you can go much more experimental on an album also, and show a completely different side of yourself, which is something I like. If I listen back to it now, I feel that I could have maybe even gone more experimental than I did. But you are what you are, and I loved making it and all the tracks, so it’s all good!

‘Run The City’ is your second EP out on the 19th October, we love it! You said this is about the daily struggles in life, how can you relate to this?

Thanks so much. We all have the daily struggles in life; working your jobs, getting your to do list done, keeping up with friends and family, being responsible and respectful to others, fighting against gentrification and all this right-wing media which taints us. We all have something to relate to above, so this EP wanted to touch on that.

The industry is forever changing and with technology it’s hard to keep up. Yet, you have had a long and very successful career, what is the key to longevity and staying current?

Be always honest to yourself, because you have to look in the mirror every day.

Where can we find you playing in the next 3 months?

I am really happy to be back to Amsterdam, London, Lisbon, Berlin, Beirut and many more! All amazing cities ahead which I cannot wait to be back in. You can always check on my Facebook page too, as I update all my shows there, so you can come and have a dance with me somewhere near you!

Pre-order Anja Schneider – Run The City now.