Hector Couto on his new Trico Trico EP for Saved Records | Soundspace

Hector Couto on his new Trico Trico EP for Saved Records

Interview: Hector Couto

Hector Couto and his prominent Roush imprint has released music by everyone from Rich Wakley and Black Girl / White Girl to DJ W!LD and Russ Yallop.

The Spanish artist’s latest original outing finds him venture onto Nic Fanciulli’s Saved Records for his new two-track Trico Trico EP.

We spoke with Hector about the new release, the success of Roush so far, and what he has planned for the label in the near future.

Hey Hector, how’s things over in Spain?

All good over here, this season in Spain looks pretty busy with a strong scene full of events and festivals, the party is non stop but now i’m taking my time to write to this Q&A.

You recently released your two-track Trico Trico EP on Saved Records, was there a concept or goal behind the studio process on this one?

I composed Trico Trico at my studio in Tenerife before the season started, This EP represents my sound trying to create dance floor dynamite with percussive grooves and rolling drums to get people moving. I´m very proud of this EP and I´m super happy to release on one of the most well respected labels in the scene.

And a quick look at your catalogue shows releases on labels like elrow, Sola and Snatch!, what do you have coming? Any new labels being added to the list?

Right now I have the new release on Saved records and more releases coming out in the next few months, An EP on Roush this September with Yaya on remix duties, another on Stereo, Chus + Ceballos’ imprint and few remixes for the last quarter of the year.

As a label owner you’ve done a better job than most out there, with releases from Raffa FL, Rich Wakley and DJ W!LD present on Roush, did you ever think the label would be so successful?

Never, if i’m honest, we’ve been working hard on the label since we started back in 2013 and we try to offer something different that’s not based on new trends and the main focus would always be on good underground house music Five years later the formula is still working and we are more than happy about the 146 releases that we have put out over the years.

And what’s coming up on Roush in the near future?

Schedule is pretty busy on the label and the next releases are sounding great from the likes of Anna Tur, Davina Moss, CASSIMM, Vozmediano, DJ W!LD, Hanfry Martinez, Alan Nieves, Will Taylor, Mark Jenkyns and Yaya to name a few!

Thanks a lot for taking some time out of your schedule to chat with us, we hope the release is a success! Before we go, what’s your favourite label besides your own?

Right now, probably Saved Records and Sola music.

Hector Couto’s Trico Trico EP is out now on Saved Records.