Guerrilla Shout, DSNT and the stifling of Belfast's nightlife economy | Soundspace

Guerrilla Shout, DSNT and the stifling of Belfast’s nightlife economy

DSNT, Guerilla Shout, Soundspace, Belfast

It’s a wet and windy afternoon in Belfast as I approach the Oh Yeah Centre. Rain and hail bounce ferociously of the cobbled streets as people sprint to avoid saturation and painful stinging shots to the ear.

As the lift doors open an enthusiastic, ginger bearded man is waiting for me. Introductions are made, hands are shook, and we sit down.

I’m here to speak with Oisin O’Brien, the creative mind behind visual ideas company Guerrilla Shout, record label DSNT and the immersive audio visual project known as Lumen.

We begin by discussing Oisin’s back story. What was the inspiration behind Guerrilla Shout? Has the creator always maintained an interest in art? Oisin sarcastically explains that he has actually resounded art most of his life. The project was born out of irony.

“I hated art all my life. I only got into Guerrilla Shout as like a ‘fuck you’ towards art. My parents encouraged me to do art, but yeah, it’s something I enjoyed more than sports. When I was a teenage smick I got into graffiti, obviously, because it was the only way you could do art and still be macho; still be hard (laughs). I got a grant from the arts council when I was 15 to do a hybrid of graphic design in street art. I had a few attempts at college and every time dropped out. I eventually just started learning shit off the internet and realised that university wasn’t for me.”

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Some of DSNT and Guerilla Shout’s best work.


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