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Fresh Picks: Nachtbraker

Fresh Picks: Nachtbraker

Nachtbraker (Dutch for night hawk), has been dropping music on top house imprints such as Dirt Crew, Hudd Trax and Detroit Swindle’s Heist Recordings for several years, and has been heading up his own label Quartet Series since 2016. The label’s goal is to bring superb dance music in the form of vinyl releases.

This month for Fresh Picks we got Nachtbraker to rhythm off a few of his favourite releases from last month, listing music from Derek Carr, Scott Grooves, Primary Perception, Oshana, Kuzma Palkin and Molinaro, dig in!

Kuzma Palkin – Macho Culture
Label: Quartet Series
Release: 11th December 2017

Of course I couldn’t leave out this 12” that I curated myself. I am a big fan of Kuzma Palkin for some time now. I used to play his Audiocad and Kausto a lot a few years ago. Then he came with two massive releases under his own name on one of the best labels out there, Gost Zvuk. A double 12” and a double 10”, make sure to check those out. So I asked him to do an EP with me, and he sent me heaps of demos, which is always nice as an A&R. I picked these 4 and I’m super happy with the result. Also good to see so many people picking it up, especially since its less conventional than I’ve done previously on Quartet Series.

Molinaro – JTL
Label: Apron Records
Release: 11th December 2017

This EP caught my attention straight away when I got the previews. Apron is usually on point, but this EP stood out. Probably the best one they released this year. Opening tune with that sweet raw bassline, and the sweet keys on top, proper groover. Real catch of the EP though is JTL, damn those chords. The kind of chords you wished you had played. Than the flip side with some even more interesting cuts. A very complete EP.

Oshana – Inner Dimension
Label: Partisan Records
Release: 11th December 2017

December is a good month. A really good month. This beauty of a record by American artist Oshana finally arrived at my home, and I can’t wait to play it out the coming weekends. Proper deep club vibes. The energy of Inner Dimension on A1 is really nice to have in the bag when your doing your peak time set. Proper EP on this solid London-Berlin label!

Derek Carr – Aquitaine
Label: Into The Deep Records
Release: 25th December 2017

One of my favourite artists and a true legend. Derek Carr. He did a wicked EP on Subwax BCN this year too, and this one on Into the deep is just as good. Master of melodies and always knows how to find the right synth sounds for his tunes. Perfect for the after hours and I listen this stuff at home as well. Standout is the A1, Aquitaine. Lush mellow vibes, especially love the electro feel to this one.

Primary Perception – Hal9000
Label: Slow Life
Release: 4th December 2017

Maybe one of the most exciting labels out there. Combining house, breaks, techno, deep house, minimal dub, all in one freshly packaged signature Slow Life sound. No matter what they sign you can feel the positive energy Cecile & Laurine (label owners) project when they play a live DJ set and it all fits together so well. Mad respect for these two. This newest EP by Primary Perception is no exception. All tunes stand out, the quality is outstanding. A3 Hal9000 is the standout tune for me. Love the vibe they created and that haunting synth is just unstoppable with that killer bassline. I could review every single tune here, but I recommend to just buy the EP. Just like I buy all Slow Life stuff blind, you won’t regret it.

Scott Grooves – The Five Heartbeats
Label: Natural Midi
Release: 4th December 2017

When i first heard track 1, I was sold. This EP is one of his best efforts ever. I’m warning you, that melody is gonna stick, and you’re not gonna get it out of your head. So damn good. This tune is a proper anthem. One like that I haven’t heard in a long time. House music at its best. Big up Scott, thanks for sharing us these amazing tunes for all these years.

Nachtbraker’s Misses Madame Mademoiselle EP is available now on Heist Recordings.