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Fresh Picks: Holly Lester

Holly Lester - Fresh Picks | Soundspace

Irish born selector Holly Lester now spends most of her time between Manchester, Belfast and Ibiza with a string of sets for Sankeys, Warehouse Project, Shine and Feel My Bicep. Having recently made her AVA debut at the festivals third edition earlier this month we got in touch to find out what sonic gems are setting the pace for Holly’s DJ sets. Read on for Holly Lester’s Fresh Picks of May 2017.

Tee Mango – Of All The Places Left To Dance
Label: AUS Music
Release: 5th May

This is the latest offering from the consistently brilliant Aus Music camp; this time from Tom Millionhands aka Tee Mango. I love how the track just seems to be drenched in oldskool rave nostalgia, with its breaks-style drum track, hazy synths and fuzzy interview samples from a party-time gone by. The air raid siren sample is the cherry on top of the rave cake for me.

Earl Jeffers – Joonya
Label: Ten Thousand Yen
Release: 16th May

Earl Jeffers/Chesus’ records have been a staple in my sets now for many years. This new release definitely has more “lofi house” leanings, but it still manages to keep that distinct Earl Jeffers sound with its heavy hitting kick and cleverly sampled diva vocal. The jazzy Rhodes piano turns it into the perfect summer groover.

2vilas – The Old Shit
Label: EWax
Release: 16th May

2vilas are two Spanish guys based in Ibiza who have been putting out some really nice stripped back tracks in the past year or so. This track is part of a tasty VA release from Berlin based label EWax. It’s the perfect track to start picking things up at the start of the night; simplistic and at times slightly hypnotic whilst discreetly raising the energy throughout the track with its raw percussion.

Blamma Blamma & Silk 86 – That Flow
Label: Emotive
Release: 17th May

Such a feel good track from Blamma Blamma & Silk 86, who have been churning out some cracking disco-house records as of late. The crazy sax hook, funky bassline and jackin drums fuse together to create the ultimate party jam. Every time I listen, I feel like I should be at a pool party with a cocktail in my hand surrounded by beautiful people.

Adryiano – Not So Easy
Label: Shall Not Fade
Release: 17th May

Adryiano has come up with another impeccable house banger, this time on the hotly tipped Shall Not Fade imprint. It has that feel good French house kinda vibe to it, only driven by stomping percussion as opposed to a funky electric bassline, with some serious saturation and distortion thrown in for good measure.

Tommy Vicari Jnr – Kapilavastu
Label: Magic Mountain Club
Release: 22nd May

This is such a great EP from the talented Tommy Vicari Jnr. I’m finding myself playing a lot of his records in the past year or so. The only clips online right now for this EP are short and sweet, but you get the idea. I could listen to this on repeat; there’s just something so nice about those snares and the groovy synth line filtering in and out in the background. Also check out “Still Hold Your Vision in My Mind” on the flip – it’s a slice of disco house heaven.

Kerri Chandler – I Remember (Remaster)
Label: Madhouse
Release: 19th May

I’m going to end on something of a classic track from the don Kerri Chandler. His Fingerprintz EP, originally released in ’95, has just had a remaster and rerelease from the man himself on Madhouse. The B side is my preferred side with tracks “I Remember” and “The Boom Can”; both timeless club stompers in true Kerry style. If you missed it the first time round, take note.