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Five producers to watch in November 16

peggy gou, luis, or:la, hnrk, reggy van oers, fingers in the noise, soundspace

Time and time again our screens are flooded with big names. It’s something we’ve become obsessed with. However, even amongst a sea of modern icons the lesser known artist thrives.

The musical knowledge that most fans possess is something to be admired. It’s not just those that work within the industry that know all the best labels. Venture into the smoking area of any event and you’ll be met with a vast amount of enthusiasts describing artists and concepts that you didn’t even know existed.

Thanks to technological advancements the underground artist has been handed a massive opportunity. Small names are signed to major labels and develop an almost cult following. We’ve taken a look at a few people we feel you should get to know, as their sound will no doubt soon come to be admired in coming months.

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peggy gou, luis, or:la, hnrk, reggy van oers, fingers in the noise, soundspace
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Known most notably for his productions as DJ Wey and DJ Python, Luis’ (Brian Pineyro) sound ranges from reggae to melodic breakbeat, depending on what persona the artist chooses to indulge himself in. He also quadruples as the lesser known DJ Xanex.

The NYC producers latest work comes in the form of an ambient IDM twelve inch titled Dreamt Takes. The four original tracks are beautifully constructed; drawing inspiration from displaced persons to produce sound rich in warm melodies and emotion.

‘HV’s Sequence’ is our pick of the bunch. The EP is expected on the 25th November. Expect to hear those laid back vibes a lot soon.

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