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Drumcomplex on his approach to remixing, Complexed Records & more

Interview: Drumcomplex

German DJ, producer, remixer and label boss Drumcomplex boasts decades of experience as a techno creator, and recent years have seen him explode in popularity.

His Complexed Records imprint has released music from the likes of Andre Crom and Linus Quick and as a producer his own music has appeared with OFF, Intec, Terminal M and more.

We recently spoke to him about how he approaches a remix, what he looks for when scouting for Complexed and who we might see on the label in the near future.

You just released a new remix for Jens Lissat and Christoph Pauly on Studio3000 Records, how do you usually approach a remix compared to an original project?

With an original track I always start at zero with a kickdrum and some drumming. Then I usually jam with a synth to find an idea. When remixing, I always take the sample pack from the original track and load all tracks into a new Abeleton project and play around with the individual elements. Then I build some drumming for it. Usually I don’t stick to the original track and reinterpret myself in my remix.

And other releases from yourself have landed on OFF Recordings, Intec Digital, Terminal M and EI8HT Records, what do you look for in a label when thinking about sending demos or signing a release?

I’m definitely looking for the specific sound of my music that fits to a particular label. I’m lucky that I’ve been working with many labels where I just released on it for a long time. Each label has its own philosophy and interpretation of different syles of techno music.

Your own Complexed Records imprint has also done very well, with releases from Linus Quick, Andre Crom, Kevin De Vries and Role Salemink, what’s your typical process for signing a release?

In the beginning, I asked my friends artists and signed them to Complexed Records. For me, my own label has always been a platform for talented artists to offer an opportunity to release their music.

I don’t look at the fame of an artist but on the fact that I like the music and I can play and support it. In most cases I stand with my artists in a very close personal contact of which I am very proud.

And who might we see on Complexed in the near future?

I signed a couple of Brazilian artists with really strong music, Raphael Piperno, Cleber, Spuri, Veruah & Luca and as well from our regulars Zakar&Blange, Sven Sossong & Chris von B. The schedule is pretty busy and I’ve already planned releases till April 2020.

How’s the tour schedule looking for the next while? Anything big got you particularly excited?

Super happy about working with my new agency Cubbo Bookings from Barcelona on a lot of great gigs at the moment.

Looking forward to my first time in South America, and coming to Belfast. Asia Tour is in planning for the beginning of 2020 in addition to my regular dates in Germany.

You’re a born and bred German, how do you find the music culture there differs to other European countries?

When I started in the ’90s there were regions, even cities, that were always different with different music and influences. But I have the feeling that in the age of the internet and digitalization all this is merging more and more and you can’t really feel where which sound is coming from.

And what’s your favourite country to play in?

Actually I play a lot in Germany & Europe which I really like but I had an insane time in South Africa this summer, the vibe was just incredible.

And one country you want to play in but haven’t had the chance yet?

I am a huge Japan fan and I like the people and their culture very much. I’ve never been there before but I feel a close connection to this country. We are currently working on finally realizing this to play there.