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Interview: Drumcell & Surachai

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Drumcell and Surachai have teamed up to create a new imprint, kicking things off with a brand new full length album from Surachai. It’s dark, soul crumbling techno and electronica, and it’s coming on vinyl and as digital download.

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So who is Drumcell?

Drumcell: Im Moe, I create noise and organize it in semi recognizable patterns, I have also been living in Los Angeles my whole life.

And Surachai?

Surachai: Hello, I’m a Chicago-based sound designer that has been working with advertising agencies and location audio engineer that sticks microphones in people’s faces on set. I co-founded the Trash_Audio collective, co-founded BL_K Noise with Moe.

You’ve teamed up to announce the BL_K NOISE imprint, how will this differ from Droid?

Drumcell: I think in a lot of ways Surachai and myself come from two different worlds but regardless of how different those worlds are we share a striking amount of similar taste in music and art aesthetics. We both wanted to create a platform where we can release what ever music we wanted when ever the fuck we wanted to release it without having to adhere to the outside pressure of peoples expectations.

Sadly, I think we live in an age where the image of an artist is far more important than the content he actually releases. A big part of what inflates that image is the labels, artists and people they are associated with. In a lot of cases the label its self is usually far more popular then the artists that release on it. We wanted to redefine the nature of our association by not feeling like we have to pitch our music to celebrity status record labels and release it ourselves the way we want and in a format we care about.

We don’t want people to hyper focus on the brand or label its self. We want people to focus their energy on the music. Far too often labels spend too much time trying to maintain a cohesive sound in order to avoid criticism from their fans. As for us, we want to keep the platform open in order to keep the creative energy flowing without pigeon holing our taste into one particular thing.

And Surachai’s LP, tell us about it?

Surachai: The centerpiece to Instinct and Memory is compression and the L-1 Microcompressor is the primary weapon of choice. Everything with a tempo began on the modular and then arranged in Pro Tools, which I recently migrated to for work.

Live served as a stand-in at times whenever I forgot my iLok somewhere. Logic has been used solely for recording in the studio. After a general mix was established, all the tracks were pre-mastered through the Thermionic Culture Vulture Super 15 to cut out some of the bass and reassign the energy to the mids but Shawn somehow managed to put it back into the tracks with his mastering.

The artwork was created by Emilie Elizabeth and Briana Gonzales and I think they couldn’t have done a better job to establish a world where the album takes listeners.

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Any new talent joining the label?

Drumcell: We don’t have any intentions of actively trying to recruit new artists but naturally there will be people releasing their records with us in the near future. This is a light hearted endeavor and I think we can both agree that we are going with the flow and trusting our gut where this project will head in the future.

Will you be releasing on vinyl or digital, or both?

Surachai: All the releases on BL_K Noise have primarily focused on vinyl and its processes, like artwork, weight of the vinyl, presentation and even the feel of the jackets – Instinct and Memory is no different. There will be a digital version that includes additional artwork and this comes complementary to vinyl purchases.

Tell us a useless fact about yourself?

Drumcell: I build and airbrush scale models when I’m home and have time to decompress.

Surachai: I drove to work for the first time in 9 years today, to pick up 470 lbs of Instinct and Memory vinyl.

What’s the coolest thing in your house?

Drumcell: My cats, Nina & Khensu

Surachai: My dog, Chloe.

Anything to add?

Drumcell: Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

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