DontSample.Me issues list of every major act issuing take down notices online | Soundspace

DontSample.Me issues list of every major act issuing take down notices online

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There’s no doubt one of the most challenging things artists, tastemakers and music distribution platforms are faced with in 2015 is take down notices.

Whether it’s your new bootleg that contains a popular vocal hook, a DMCA notice on an article you worked so hard on publishing or if you’re an executive at SoundCloud who’s inbox is likely flooded with copyright issues and legal disputes you’re most likely frustrated by the common threat of a take down notice.

Whether you’re receiving or issuing take down notices, everyone would appreciate a place where you can go and view a list of every act that currently doesn’t agree with their work being reused, republished or just recycled and Morgan Crozier has done just that.

With their site DontSample.Me Morgan has list over 2,800 names of artists – both big and small – whom have been cracking down lately.

It’s an extremely useful list for the willing producer who has found fame through bootleg edits of popular songs and is eager to decide what track the chop up next or the tastemaker who can’t get a break because any thing they publish is taken off Google by a DMCA notice.

Artists on the list include everyone from 50 Cent and The Chemical Brothers to Annie Mac and Wiz Khalifa.

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