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DJ W!LD releases Techno City LP

dj w!ld

Parisian producer and Circoloco resident DJ W!LD has released his latest project, Techno City, as of April 11th.

The artist speaks of his inspiration for the record, stating “This album was inspired by a long winter spent playing dark and murky club rooms around the world. I wanted the tracks to give off this impression, and be evocative of the time I spent in these places and the type of music I was playing.”

He goes on to say “I also wanted the album to give the impression of movement, of a rising energy that builds exponentially from the outset to the finish, moving in the way that a mix or a DJ set does. As always, a combination of sampling and classic hardware use was my main creative output. The album is a blend of classic acid, New York beats, Detroit techno and of course wild style.”

You can purchase Techno City from here and listen to snippets from the LP below.