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Details exposed regarding Bjarki LP trilogy

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Nina Kraviz’s Trip imprint have revealed details regarding Icelandic artist Bjarki’s second LP, Lefthanded Fuqs, which is due out this September.

Back in May the label announced there would be a trilogy of EP’s from Bjarki, consisting of no less than forty one tracks. The first of the trilogy surfaced in June and now a tracklist and release date have come to light for the ham of the sandwich.

Part two is a twelve track collection of “experimental material from the archive” and includes a film score that was produced several years ago as part of a creative project in which Bjarki also wrote the script for.

Trip have stated that “The three LPs aren’t albums in the traditional sense, the concept being to release the contents of his burgeoning hard drives. The music might fit together like an album, but Bjarki doesn’t see it that way.”

Lefthanded Fuqs is due out in September and part 3 of the trilogy, Æ, is due out in October.

A1 Fimm Atta Atta Fimm Fimm Tveir Tveir
A2 Lefhanded Fuqs
B1 +4531704090 2
B2 2366262lhkjdgh.aif
D1 Ghentleman Render 2
D2 Gory Ryebread
E1 Thumb
E2 Fkakafsnow Tromma 2012
F1 Basketball Smile (Bbbbbb mix)

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