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Dense & Pika slate ‘samey’ DJ sets and ‘plastic techno’

Dense & Pika slate 'samey' DJ sets and 'plastic techno'

British techno duo Dense & Pika have been around the block, releasing on Drumcode and Hotflush they are one of the most beloved production pairs in club music. Writing for Ibiza Voice, they shared some honest opinions on the current health of underground dance music.

“People like Drexciya, Underground Resistance, Derrick May and all of that Detroit generation were imagining the sounds of the future. But then techno was bastardized and repackaged and now people are trying to make records that sound like they were made 20 years ago.”

“Now kids are going to big outdoor pool parties and getting blasted with ice cannons and that is not futuristic in any way. In fact, it’s passé. So, no, techno is no longer the sound of the future.”

They also reflected on the current techno boom in UK and Europe, how big money is making its way into techno festivals and clubs.

“A techno DJ earning £30,000 per set was unheard of in the ’90s. And it’s bigger than it’s ever been. Even DJs who became famous for deep house have been switching over to techno. A lot of sets can be quite samey. There’s a ‘plastic techno’ sound that has become prevalent which is the new ‘deep house’.”

“As DJs it’s our job to make sure we’re playing the very best music we can to these eager young people.”

Though the majority of their comments were speaking out on the issues surrounding their genre, they also showed love for Ben UFO, Nina Kraviz and Helena Hauff among others.