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David Gtronic talks Guti collaboration, Vatos Locos and relocating to Berlin

Interview: David GTronic

Colombian born house talent and Vatos Locos affiliate, David Gtronic brings his second original EP to Dubfire’s SCI+TEC imprint, this time with a collaborative effort between himself and Guti.

The now Berlin-based DJ has been making serious moves, with his tracks coming on labels like Moan and Oblack and his tour dates taking him to Amsterdam, London, New York and Toronto.

We sat down with him to discuss the new EP, how he came to be working with Guti, his thoughts on working with Hector and Vatos Locos and what projects he has in the works.

You just released a four track EP with Guti on SCI+TEC, tell us about the release? What’s the vision behind this one?

Guti & I have been working together for almost a year now. At first, we were just doing it for fun to experiment to see what sort of results we can achieve. After the eighth track we made together we thought this sounds cool enough, we should release some of the material. During Art Basel Week in December Guti played b2b with Dubfire and during the set Guti played some of the tracks we made together. Ever since Dubfire has been interested in putting out an EP from our collaborations.

And how did you come to be in the studio together?

For the past year Guti has been visiting Berlin frequently so immediately we thought it would be a great idea to jam together and see what the outcome would be.

Will you be working together again?

We already made about twenty tracks together. Besides the EP on SCI+TEC we released a 14-track album on the new label ‘Personality Disorder Music’ we created for our collaborations. We definitely have plans to keep making music together and developing the label much more.

What about other original work? Have anything in the pipeline that you can talk about?

I have a new record I am putting out on a new vinyl only label called Synkronized, that will include an original track from myself plus a remix from Marius Laurentiu and a collaboration that I produced with Just Me. This is an EP we have been waiting for almost a year to release so I’m pretty excited to finally put it out. I also have a couple of collaborations I’ve made with artists like Hector, Tripmastaz, Chad Andrew and of course more projects with Guti to come.

You’re a part of Hector’s Vatos Locos team, how did you meet the guys and what’s it like working in a collective?

I met Hector in Ibiza during the summer of 2013 when he was playing for Enter at Space. We had a good connection from the beginning, he told me he liked to play my music a lot and since we are both from a hispanic heritage we had many things in common. A few weeks later he invited Randall M and I to play at his birthday party in Berlin and officially this was the first time us three played together.

I met Randall and Chad back in 2011 while I was studying sound engineering in Orlando, Florida. The city where they grew up. Chad was a local DJ in the scene and Randall was making the transition from playing hip hop to house music. I was already producing music at that time so slowly we all started working together.

Being in a collective certainly has its perks. The best part is to be able to travel the world with some of your best friends. A few months ago we had a tour in Australia with Hector, Randall, Chad and we also had a trip to Japan last year. It’s amazing to be able to share the experience with close friends rather than traveling alone. As a group, it’s much easier to make an impact rather than doing it alone. You can always push and inspire each other to grow as a team.

You’ve announced a number of shows in America and Brazil, what can clubbers expect from you on the dance-floor?

After living in Europe for the past six years I’ve realised how the scene is so much more advanced there. In America and especially more down south there is a lot of new music that they have yet to experience. What clubbers can expect from me is a unique blend of styles from house, minimal, electro, deep house and much more. I like to showcase a sound that you would more likely hear in places like Berlin, Romania, etc. While still maintaining a groovy vibe. It’s important to not get too carried away and play a type of sound that the crowd won’t understand.

And are there any other upcoming tour dates that have you particularly excited?

At the moment I’m half way during my current tour in America. This Thursday I have an event in Miami that I’m very excited since it’s the grand opening of a new venue ‘ATV Records’ which is from the same owners of the Electric Pickle. Then on Saturday I’m off to McAllen, Texas, Frankfurt and finally Moscow before heading back home to Berlin. I am super excited for what’s to come in 2020. During January I have a Vatos Locos event with Hector, Marco Carola and Mahony in Tulum. The BPM Festival is also hosting its first edition in Costa Rica and we have a Vatos Locos showcase on January 16th.

What’s one lesson you’ll never forget?

Never take things too personal, there is always situations that are going to test your character and strength. In the music business there will always be circumstances where the outcome seems unfair or someone will try to take advantage of you. Before letting your emotions take over it’s important to evaluate the predicament and move on from a negative situation that might be holding you back.

And one lesson you think has changed your career in music the most?

One of the most important lessons I’ve experience was too always take a risk and step out of your comfort zone. Six years ago, when I first moved to Berlin I arrived with no visa at the time and 300 euros in my account. I had no idea how I was going to survive and make a new life in Berlin. I took the chance in a new city and it has opened so many doors for me ever since. Moving to Berlin has been one of the most important decisions I have ever made for my career and it all came down to taking the risk.

Guti & David Gtronic’s You Can Still Be Mine EP is out now on SCI+TEC.