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Dance Tunnel announces closure due to “licensing climate” in Hackney

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The licensing climate in Hackney has taken its next victim. East London venue Dance Tunnel is set to close its doors for good in August.

The venue, located on The Kingsland Road, has stated that the closure is due to the “licensing climate” within Hackney. The situation has been well documented throughout the media with a number of loved venues closing in recent months.

Dance Tunnels nights usually run through to 3am with the occasional 5am finish. A 5am finish requires a temporary event notice, which are extremely difficult to come by in Hackney. The council is due to redraw it’s licensing system after withdrawing a proposal in 2015 due to a voice of opposition from East London nightclub owners.

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The Dance Tunnel statement in full reads as this: “We regret to announce that Dance Tunnel is to close its doors in August. Sadly the licensing climate in Hackney has made it impossible for us to get the hours we need to make Dance Tunnel sustainable in the long term. We would like to sincerely apologise to all the Tunnel Dancers who we are letting down. We really tried to make it work. Thanks to all the artists, DJs, promoters and family members who have shared their favourite music and moments with us over the last three-and-a-bit years. Thanks to everyone who has made our basement such a special place. Sorry we never got round to fixing that slope on the dance floor.”

In 2015 London lost Plastic People, Caribbean social club Peoples and came close to losing Rye Wax had it not been for a petition with 15,000 signatures. The birthplace of UK Garage, The Elephant and Pub, also officially closed its doors.

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