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Brothers Black release on self-titled, vinyl only label (Interview)

Brothers Black launch their brand new, self-titled, vinyl only label, Brothers Black, kick-starting the label with their own release BRBL001.

The duo, James Sison and Edward Antonio, are brothers who are originally from London but are now based in Berlin. Releasing on labels such as Voxnox Records and Bade Records, these two are a pair to watch.

Hey Brothers Black, how’s things?

Hey! We’re doing well, thanks. We’re currently in the studio putting together music for 2018 and prepping for our debut at Tresor in a few weeks time.

So you’ve recently released BRBL001, was there any inspiration behind this release?

This release was particularly special for us as it launched our brand new self-titled, vinyl only label Brothers Black. It’s the first time that we have had complete creative free reign over a release which made the process of inspiration and track selection all the more daunting. One major point of inspiration was to release tracks that we felt didn’t fit on other labels, but that we personally wanted to release.

The first BRBL release showcases the harder edge to our sound whilst retaining some of our trademark aesthetics. The vocals used on Creep Oder Was? and Imagination Barrier are some examples of these trademarks, as well as the hints of acid. We also wanted to hint at our stylistic playing style which came through on Axe To Grind but particularly on Only Human; tooly, raw-edged percussion and bleeps.

Could you tell us about the naming ideology behind the release?

As the label will primarily be an outlet for our own productions it made sense for us to keep label it Brothers Black. Each release name will correspond to the relative catalogue numbers: BRBL001, BRBL002 etc.

Why have you released the track on your own, self titled ‘Brothers Black’ vinyl only label?

The idea behind the new label came about from a recognition that a lot of the music we were producing wasn’t fitting for the labels that we wanted to release on. As a result, we decided to take a risk and release the music ourselves. It’s been incredibly liberating having total freedom to create and curate your own releases, but it’s also come with its own set of challenges.

You played Boiler Room at the end of last year with Safer at Night, how was that experience?

Boiler Room was an amazing, if not the most nerve-wracking, gig that we’ve done so far. Shouts again to the Safer at Night crew for having us along to play, we’ll definitely never forget that one!

You’re playing Tresor at the end of September as part of your New Faces series, are you looking forward to this?

After Boiler Room this will definitely be our biggest gig to date. We’re super excited (and nervous) about playing at such an iconic venue, but we can’t wait to get behind the bars in that booth and play out on their system. We’re currently prepping for it now and hope to showcase a diverse range of music that inspires us, and hope people will dig it!

Can you reveal anything else about future releases on this label?

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next BRBL release which will be coming in 2018. We’ve got some really exciting news with regards to a producer who we really admire who’s on remix duties, but can’t reveal that just yet. After that we’ll be looking to release a VA of artists close to us and whom we admire. Exciting things to come, so stay tuned!

Aside from our own label, we’ve also got a vinyl EP coming out via Voxnox Records, which will feature two incredible remixes by Artefakt and Invite. It’ll be dropping towards the end of this year so keep your eyes peeled!