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Behind The Brand: JoJo Walker / Halcyon

Behind The Brand: JoJo Walker / Halcyon

JoJo Walker is a British born, now San Francisco based professional working within the creative space of event and artist management. Part of the team at San Francisco club Halcyon, Walker and her team have brought some of the worlds top house and techno DJs to The Golden Gate City.

As a freelancer, she also holds down management duties for artists such as New York City’s Ant LaRock and Bristol born Crackazat, who between them have releases on Exploited, Local Talk and Defected.

We welcome JoJo to the latest edition of our Behind The Brand series where we discuss how she became a member of the Halcyon crew, what goes into deciding who plays the club and what other projects she has going on right now. Read the full discussion below.

When did you first join the Halcyon team?

I’m one of the originals! The parent company of Halcyon brought me over from Europe (I’m British but was living and working in Ibiza at the time) in 2017, to build the venue into what it is today as part of the management team.

And what struggles did you come across in the beginning?

Establishing a venue in a busy market is no mean feat – there is a lot of competition in San Francisco with other venues, festivals, block parties etc already thriving. The hard work has paid off however, as we now have a really loyal and passionate set of regulars; it’s awesome to see – some even got our logo tattooed on them earlier this year! Mental.

How’s a typical week in the office look like?

My week runs fairly formulaically; I start things off reviewing the past weekends events, look ahead to the forthcoming, and then focus on the planning and management of the wider events, artists and further business management/creative direction. That being said, no two days are ever the same in the events world!

Previous guests include Pete Tong, Boris Brejcha and Richie Hawtin. How do you decide who headlines a show?

This is one of the main focus’ of my role. We always take valuable time to consult with tastemakers in the city as a collective team. Then, it’s a delicate mixture of what I personally believe is the right choice for Halcyon, what I think the city wants to hear, and what is an exciting/bold choice for us. Plus, what works within the venue’s event calendar availability/touring time of year and our budget predictions for that particular show. So lots of varying factors contribute to the final decision.

What’s the worst job you’ve had in the past?

I honestly haven’t ever had a job I hated & I feel extremely lucky about that – I’m a positive person with my outlook however and try to find the good in any situation. I studied television production at university so I’ve had lots of random jobs in TV production, working on shows such as The Apprentice UK was possibly the most challenging as we worked 20+ hour days on that show when we were in the thick of filming!

Do you have any other projects running at the moment?

Lots! My work spans across both events and artist management. Having multiple projects is good for my soul & I believe it makes me more rounded in my knowledge and approach to what I do.

Events wise, I am organising some events at Elsewhere New York for 2020 onwards, which is an exciting project to be part of as the venue is one of the best in New York right now – it’s 1k capacity and has a cool creative concept.

I am also a partner on a new weekend of events which will be launching in Hawaii in February 14-17 2020, which is being announced in the next few weeks, called E Komo Mai (meaning ‘All Are Welcome’ in Hawaiian). The concept focus’s on music, culture and sustainability and we aim to raise the bar of electronic music event production in Hawaii – I am extremely excited about it! On top of this, I curate bespoke private events as well.

Artist management wise, I manage both Ant LaRock and Crackazat, two incredibly talented producers, as well as providing artist management consultancy services to high level electronic music acts.

And what’s your goals for 2020? For both Halcyon and yourself?

Personally – to stay creative and to try enjoy the journey more – I think ahead by nature, so being more in the now is a continual focus point for me!

For Halcyon – to really expand the brand outside of the room and keep innovating in the industry; we have some exciting offsite events in the pipeline from a 1k capacity event in a beautiful disused bank building, to a 3.5k capacity pier event in collaboration with a world famous dance music brand. I can’t wait to bring more new innovative & world-class events to San Francisco. Keep your eyes peeled for more info!

Lastly, thanks for taking the time to talk with us, before we go, tell us one track you haven’t been able to turn off this year?

Right now it’s Patrick Topping’s Turbo Time. You know a tracks good when it makes you do your stink face.

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