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Behind The Brand: Fernando Lagreca / Miracle MGMT

Behind The Brand: Fernando Lagreca

Fernando Lagreca is a label owner, music producer, live act, and navigator of all things music, though it has been his work through the Barcelona based agency Miracle MGMT that his talents have really come to shine.

With a management roster that includes everyone from Coyu and Marc Maya to Lee Van Dowski and Victor Ruiz, as well as handling the bookings for Oliver Koletzki, Vinicius Honorio, Stefano Noferini, Florian Kruse and others. It’s no surprise that Miracle are becoming one of Europe’s most trusted helm’s.

We welcome Fernando to take part in our Behind The Brand series, by giving him to chance to tell his story he shares tales of balancing money in the early days to finding success with Coyu and Suara, right down to what he has going on with his own creative endeavours.

So where did the idea for Miracle MGMT come from?

The original idea was arranged by the founder of the company, Jaume Pagès, formerly a well-known DJ who operated in the early 2000s (his aka was Jaumëtic) and even founded one of the most interesting pre-digital era Spanish electronic / techno labels: ‘Regular’ (2002). After some time releasing great stuff from the likes of Iñaqui Marin, Pablo Bolivar, Maetrik, Guy Gerber or Alex Niggemann, just to name a few, he decided to quit his former job to bet on setting up a booking agency, that was the seed for Miracle, back in 2008.

I started working with Jaume in late 2010, initially as part-time and just involved in a couple of projects he ran since I was finishing some studies in Cultural Management and doing a Musical Industry post-degree at the same time, aside to play and produce electronic music.

At the end of 2011 I was fully involved in the company and as time went by I became his partner and now I am the General Manager, since he is developing another activity not related to the music business. So he gave me the chance to feel Miracle is part of myself and I fully do, it is his original idea.

And did you face many struggles in the beginning?

Well, you know all beginnings are complicated, or most of them at least. When I landed in Miracle, Jaume had created a really well structured idea but we needed to say yes to several projects just to fill the invoicement and not gave anything else.

That of course took lot of time to really grow in the projected direction. When you are starting something practically from scratch, financial rules are everything and sometimes the cash flow lead the steps and got us away from the right path a bit.

Another strong fight was in terms of competitors, you need to earn some reputation in front of promoters, other agents, artists that need to trust you but they do not know you well yet, etc. this was a bit complicated at the beginning, but it is normal, because you need time to build something, and to prove that you are on the right path.

What does a typical day look like?

Usually I start the day at about 8.30-9am, catching up with mails for an hour or so, then I try to do some exercise (a bit of yoga or stretching) and afterwards i’m ready to face the full day. I normally do a check of pending stuff on the management roster and then I start to make Skype meetings, answering mails in real time, etc.

The issue is nowadays the people are reaching you not only by mail or phone, but also through Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram private messages, etc. So, it is impossible to disconnect for real. I try to leave my inbox with just a few mails in the evenings (I already quit trying to leave the inbox at zero mail cause it is unaffordable!) but it gains a lot of mails throughout the night and when I wake up I have 30-50 mails again, it is non-stop!

Then most of my day is getting in touch with other people (artists, agents, promoters), listening to the bunch of demos and promos I receive, checking proposals, making deals, arranging bookings and tours for our artists and talking to my other colleagues at the company (we are seven people in total now at Miracle, and we are in different locations so we do not share so much office time together, hence we are all day connected by mail, phone, Skype, etc.)

Which project makes you feel the most proud?

To be honest, all of the artists we manage receive the same priority in terms of taking care of them and also regarding the commitment we have with their careers. Obviously we have some cases in which the kind of profile and importance of this profile inside the industry they need more attention and also let Miracle MGMT grow along with them.

This is i.e. the case of Coyu and his label Suara. He is one of the key artists in our roster, he is also the first artist to whom we started doing full management and also for the label. So Suara is an important part of the company, we are really happy with the evolution of both Coyu and the brand cause it is also part of our own evolution.

But like I stated before, we are really committed with every one of our artists, and we are really happy with our current management roster, we have artists that are evolving really really well, such as Ramiro López, Victor Ruiz and Teenage Mutants, others that are already consolidated and no need any introduction, like Lee Van Dowski.

We also have two artists that are capable of making real gems musically speaking, such as AFFKT (and his label Sincopat) and Bastian Bux, this one along with Marc Maya are also doing residencies at ElRow, and we even had some place for new additions this year, Alex Stein and the young Nølah, a producer from Barcelona that is going to get a name in the game for sure.

Tell us the worst job you had in the past?

I have to say that I mostly had good luck with my past jobs, I come from Uruguay (living in Barcelona for more than 15 years now) and have no complaints at all with my past jobs there. Obviously when I came to Europe the things were not so easy at the start but little by little I found my place, but I remember I had a mini-job in a call shop back in 2003 that for me was the worst job in my life.

They sold call cards and provided international calls in a big space with plenty of phone cabins, mostly oriented for foreign people and I was in charge of that space during the night, it was a terrible job cause there were lot of people asking things at the time, always in a hurry, most of them did not even speak neither Spanish or English, full of stress and the salary was, well, totally crap. I stayed 5 days and quit.

The funny part is that at the same time I was telling the owner I would quit he wanted to talk to me to offer me more responsibility there. Obviously I said thanks for the chance but it was a no!

What are your main goals for 2018?

The main goal is to keep growing with the agency, consolidating the management roster and of course our booking roster, which is in really good shape but it is important to keep it always fresh with new additions and also consistent in terms of sounds, which we are doing at the moment.

Also, we are planning to have a good ADE week in October, where we will meet as many stakeholders as possible. Our beloved Suara also turns 10 late this year so we are also really happy for that and having good label showcases with them is one of our main goals for 2018.

What projects do you have running right now?

At the moment I run three mains projects, one is of course Miracle, as previously described, the second one is my own brand new label, called Beautiful Accident, in which I release some of my own stuff, as well as great works from the likes of Lasers, Galera, Litorate and Beatlove, just to name a few.

The third project is my own career as a producer and with live music, since I release music on several labels (Sincopat, Chrom, Dear Deer) and also play live sets at festivals (played already at Sónar, Mutek, MIRA, LEM) along with teaching music business in some schools like SAE, Eumes, etc.

Lastly, give us a track you can’t seem to turn off at the minute?

Sure, I was listening to a track on repeat all this week from a young and talented Spanish producer called Litorate, the track is ‘Divinorum’, and it will be released soon on my own label. Thanks a lot for this interview it was a real pleasure to answer your questions!

You can find more information on Miracle Management on this website.