AOU debut 'Neon' on Seth Troxler's Soft Touch imprint | Soundspace

AOU debut ‘Neon’ on Seth Troxler’s Soft Touch imprint

AOU, Neon, Soft Touch, Soundspace, Seth Troxler, Synth Pop, Electronica

Rating: 7.5


Three piece band AOU debut on Seth Troxler’s Soft Touch imprint, bringing a well packaged four-tracker for us to enjoy. Titles include Intro, All Of Us, In The Shade and Neon and we have a full premiere of the latter.

The EP delivers atmospheric soundtrack-esque pieces to warm guitar driven rock, with our choice Neon coming complete with a nostalgic foundation of 80’s Brit pop.

Together with rolling synth lines, airy chords and rhythmic top lines, Neon captures the sweet spot between decade-old synth music and modern day electronica – Joy Division would be proud.

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