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Acid veteran Mike Dred shares collection of vintage rave cassette tapes

news piece (cullen edit)

Looking for those 1990 rave tapes from rave archivist Matt Wareham? An impressive collection of over 200 classics, including tracks from Frankie Knuckles, DJ Pierre and Laurent Garnier, were uploaded to Dropbox for all to enjoy, but they are sadly no longer available.

However, don’t fret! Rephlex acid legend Mike Dred (Michael Cullen) has got your back.

Cullen has uploaded 28 ripped cassettes that were recorded between 1988 and 1994 to Google Drive. The upload only features one tracklist, but there is still plenty of electronic euphoria to Shazam.

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The singular tracklist is paired with a mix recorded in the year 1990 which features tracks from Suburban Knights, 808 State, Scientist and Fallout.

Furthermore, Cullen has attached a note to the upload, politely asking for a donation of “a beers worth or more” via PayPal, from those who enjoy the sounds of ‘back in the day’. Providing it all goes to plan, Cullen has promised to rip another collection to Google Drive, this time the sounds will be “hip hop and new beat mixtapes”, so get donating.

Navigate yourself towards Cullen’s Google Drive to download the mixes.

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