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9 of our favourite Ilian Tape bangers

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There’s more to Germany than Berlin you know. Ilian Tape is a label born from the love of life and dancing. It’s really that simple. The imprint was founded by Dario and Marco Zenker, who also duo as The Zenker Brothers, in 2007. They represent a diverse and international sound; artists from Argentina, Serbia, Italy and Japan have all contributed to the underground soundscapes of Munich.

“We don’t care about the hype, we just do what we love.”

Ilian Tape has been the soundtrack for quite a while here at Soundspace, so we wanted to share nine of our favourite pieces of music with you. From the old school sound of Stenny to the bone breaking techno of Marco Zenker, the German label have developed a distinctive divergent. An oxymoron populated by infectious movement and ecosystems of sound.


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ilian tape, munich, soundspace

09 / 09
Stenny – Consumers Tool

Stenny is an artist who draws inspiration from the era of 90’s techno and IDM, resulting in a unique sound that also fused influence from the days of Jungle and Hardcore. Hailing from the black and white city of Turin, he uses old school drum patterns and atmospheric surround sound to produce multi functioning pieces of music; just as useful on a dancefloor as it is in a dingy basement.

We’ve plucked Consumers Tool from Stenny’s back catalogue. The track begins with a deafening bassline and metallic sound, not unlike a stick hitting the inside of a trash can. The “dusty and stepping drum programming” is very visible here, as the bassline continues to break concrete in the background before it relentlessly hammers out like Hulk fighting Thor; a “breakbeat infused killer”.

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