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40 Questions: Pig&Dan

Pig & Dan, Soundspace, Interview

Spanish techno duo Pig&Dan have been at the top of their game for decades. From having their own releases on labels like Drumcode and Soma, to hosting others on their Elevate Records imprint.

The pair collaborate with UniDosh and Mint Club this week to throw a special party over in Leeds, with tickets from just £7.00 it’s a complete bargin.

01. Where are you right now and what are you doing?

P: I’m at my house relaxing from last weekend’s mayhem!

D: Rebuilding the terrace after a massive storm at the house when I was away in Thailand.

02. What year were you born?

P: 1976.

D: 1971.

03. What’s the coolest thing in your house?

P: There are plenty of cool things, but if I had to choose it’s a very old Balinese statue of a dragon lion.

D: I’m a massive art collector so I would of course have to say something from the collection which I adore. It’s a real tough one but I would say probably the Gold Glitter Smiley face riot shield from Jimmy Cauty. It was a very limited edition sold at the Banksy Exhibition “Dismaland” in the UK.

04. Worst experience as a DJ?

P: Probably my last gig in Amnesia before I went to rehab. As I basically collapsed and woke up with loads of people around me worried sick.

D: Playing before Ricardo Villalobos in Valencia and one of the CDJs broke so I had to play track after track leaving gaps in between because the club had no more working units. It felt like I played 20 hours not 2, but the crowd still went for it luckily!

05. Best experience as a DJ?

P: There are so many, but playing Ultra in Buenos Aires is probably a highlight.

D: Although the most nerve racking, I think it was playing at Cocoon in Amnesia Ibiza for the first time. I was someone that had raved there for so many years and it was my dream come true. I shivered so hard I could hardly handle the pitch.

06. Favourite record label?

P: That’s a tough one, depends if it’s to release or buy music on. To release, I would have to say Drumcode of course, and to buy I really like Klockworks, and 50 Weapons.

D: Tough as hell but I would agree with Igor.

07. House or Techno?

P: Techno.

D: Techno.

08. First record you ever paid for?

P: Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam.

D: The Star Wars soundtrack!

09. Studio or DJ booth?

P: Both.

D: Adore both.

10. Your dream collaboration?

P: DVS1, Marcel Dettmann or Matador.

D: Laurent Garnier or Carl Craig.

11. Tell us something we shouldn’t know about you?

P: I am in recovery.

D: I’ve worked on loads of Pop records (some horrible) since the late 80s.

12. Cats or dogs?

P: Both. I used to be more into dogs, but cats have won my heart lately.

D: Got to love lots of Pussy round the house.

13. Ever smoked?

P: Yep, like a rasta!

D: Tons.

14. Ever done drugs?

P: Loads of them, way too many.

D: Wrote the book on them but had large breaks from it.

15. Ever stole?

P: Yes, from my parents when I was 14 years old.

D: Once I robbed a coke machine and got caught. Luckily learned my lesson early on.

16. Busy city, or quiet beach?

P: Quiet beach.

D: Beach.

17. One act who’s inspired you your whole career?

P: I have two – Sven Vath and The Doors.

D: Ufff its endless, from Marvin Gaye to Vangelis. In dance music it all stemmed from Joey Beltram and Slam.

18. If you weren’t in the music industry, what would you be doing?

P: Cooking.

D: I was born to do this, and I knew from 4 years young. However, saying that I wanted and trained to be a pilot.

19. Worst job you’ve ever had?

P: Cleaning horse shit in a stable.

D: Selling balloons in winter in the UK.

20. Favourite record right now?

P: Mark Reeve – Don’t You Want My Love.

D: Matrixxsman – Arrival

Pig & Dan, Soundspace, Interview

21. Favourite record of all time?

P: Underworld – Dark and Long (Dark Train Mix).

D: Dance record would be Joey Beltram – Energy Flash.

22. One thing you couldn’t live without?

P: Massages.

D: Good food.

23. Favourite food?

P: Japanese.

D: Thai.

24. Movies or books?

P: Series Actually.

D: Don’t have time for either but I guess movies sometimes.

25. Vinyl or CDJs?

P: Both are cool, Vinyl is great but a lot of clubs aren’t ready for it anymore and travelling can be hell with them nowadays.

D: Love CDJs but came from Vinyl and miss that touch. Funny you don’t give computer as an option.

26. Favourite country to travel to?

P: Holland.

D: Holland. Great people, food and music culture.

27. Favourite club you’ve played at?

P: Amnesia.

D: Amnesia, Ibiza.

28. Favourite festival you’ve played at?

P: Ultra, Buenos Aires.

D: Ultra, Buenos Aires.

29. Craziest story of being on the road?

P: Nearly got arrested in Tokyo for doing lines on a flight from London to Tokyo, left my ID card and a rolled bill in the bathroom, Doh.

D: There’s a book that could be written on this, no joke! Recently the crowd managed to pull the entire deck set into the dance floor in Scotland. They know how to rock it!

30. Weirdest request as a DJ?

P: Frank Sinatra.

D: In the middle of a pumping techno set in a well-known club, and was asked to play Kylie Minogue.

31. Coke or Pepsi?

P: Neither, Coconut water.

D: Neither.

32. If you had one super power what would it be?

P: Invisibility.

D: Teleportation (good for gigs).

33. Late sleeper or early riser?

P: Used to be a vampire, now early riser.

D: Early riser.

34. Favourite fruit?

P: Pineapple.

D: Mango.

35. Strangest video you’ve watched on YouTube?

P: I don’t have time for YouTube.

D: I don’t really watch YouTube either.

36. Shower or bath?

P: Shower.

D: Shower.

37. The top thing on your bucket list?

P: Buying my own house.

D: Skydiving.

38. PlayStation or Xbox?

P: PlayStation.

D: PlayStation.

39. Do you have any pets?

P: Yes, 2 cats.

D: Yes, 5 cats.

40. Anything to add?

P: What doesn’t kill you make you stronger, or fatter! Ha ha ha.

D: 1+1 equals fun!