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YouTube Promotion: 10 Tips To Improve Your Channel


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Every week there are new promotion channel popping up, the vast majority of which are ran by one person in their bedroom.  Even though most of these promoters give up not long after they start, the YouTube community is thriving with channels willing to offer free promotion for up & coming musicians, who would otherwise struggle to get their music heard.  As well as a platform for established musicians and record labels to promote their music to a wider audience.

YouTube promoters come in many different shapes and sizes.  Some people do it simply as a hobby while for others it’s a full time job.  The main problem with most channels is they want 10,000 subscribers and millions of views after only a few months, which just won’t happen, for most people the first 6 months to a year can be slow, tedious and sometimes frustrating.  Sitting in your bedroom, spending hours trying to find that perfect wallpaper to go with that perfect track, not to mention the amount of time rendering & uploading videos adds up to each week.  All for no more than 100 views on each upload!  It’s no surprise that so many simply give up after a few months.

Below I have put together a short list of 10 tips I think will benefit someone just starting out as a YouTube promoter, as well as someone maybe into their first few months and are starting to build a community.  As well as some tips from established promoters and a list of channels which are worth checking out.

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