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трип sign Russian duo PTU

PTU, трип, Nina Kraviz

Russian duo PTU have signed to Nina Kraviz’s трип label, with a seven track EP scheduled for an April release.

The partnership of Alina Izolenta and Kamil Ea is quite bare in terms of a back catalogue. They put forward work for a трип compilation last year, and a seven track CD, titled Hard Week, was released back in 2009.

Kraviz’s label have provided a background of sorts on the newly signed pair. They say “They spent their childhood in Siberia and Volga, and their salad days in music schools and early clubs of their respective home cities. Back then accessing the internet was only possible via pre-paid cards that came in envelopes. Music–via pirate CDs and endlessly slow mp3 downloads. Friendships would stem from copying music from hard drive to hard drive.”

Their debut EP for трип was recorded throughout the last two years on two eight-track samplers. A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day is set to arrive on April 7th.