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Burial is no stranger to anyone, even though no one knows who he is.  The bass music prodigy has managed to stay anonymous while at the same time practically created his own sub-genre and all along side millions of plays on YouTube and Soundcloud.  But you don’t reach this size of audience without having multiple bootlegs and unofficial remixes put out of your tracks, so dozens of remixes and several hours later here we list our 10 favorite remixes of original Burial tracks.  We’re sure you’ll have heard most of them before, but none the less.  Enjoy!

*FD = Free download

1. Burial – UK (Romeo Butcher Remix)

Romeo Butcher done a great job by building his remix around the original. I’m in love with the overall sound of this one.


2. Burial – Shell of Light (Shlohmo Remix) [FD]

Shell of Light, a track from Burials second album Untrue is a great piece of music and this Shlohmo remix is no different, it brings a fresh revamp to the lofi production quality of the original, and we even prefer it to Burials version!


3. Burial – Archangel (Tom Day & Laura Lethlean Cover)

Technically not a remix, but why not, it sounds great. This cover of Archangel by Tom Day & Laura Lethlean is truly amazing and it’s how different from the original it is that makes it so special, true art.


4. Burial – Stolen Dog (Ollie Macfarlane Remix)

One of many Ollie Macfarlane remixes of Burials work, but this one stands out from the crowd. Amazing transformation, I might even enjoy it a bit more than the original.


5. Burial – Street Halo (Uppermost Edit)

This is maybe one of the best tracks I’ve heard that features Burial in the title. It can be an impossible task to take the knife upon a Burial track, but we feel Uppermost done an excellent job. Keeping the feel of the original but adding his own twist.


6. Burial – Archangel (Boy 8-Bits Simple Remix)

The funkiest and most different remix on the list is what sounds like a mash up of various different Burial remixes. This track from Boy 8-Bit is a bass monster and sounds like it would rip a dancefloor in half.


7. Burial – Fostercare (Elemental Remix)

Lovely remix from Elemental of Fostercare, this track comes across slightly trippy and features the original well.


8. Burial – Gutted (Asa & Sorrow Cover)

Once again another cover, this time from Asa & Sorrow. The pair have produced many great tracks together and this is no exception.


9. Burial & Four Tet – Moth (Ecluse Remix) [FD]

The original is one of my least favorite tracks from Burial, but this remix pulls me in, the percussion is great and I love the fx.


10. Burial – Raver (Samu.l Edit)

This is a great use of the original, featuring a funky bassline with a lot of the original fx & percussion stripped back.


Some other remixes & edits worth mentioning:

Burial – Forgive (Uppermost Edit)
Burial – Shell Of Light (Louis La Roche Remix)
Burial – Raver (Ben Klock edit)
Burial – Etched Headplate (Eit B Remix)
Burial – Endorphin (Marcelo Vasami Dub Mix)
Burial & Four Tet,Thom Yorke – Ego (T.S Remix)
Burial – Ghost Hardware (IDrM Remix)
Burial – Feral Witchchild (Vinyl Shotz Dubstep Remix)


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