Premiere: Roman Lindau - With My Hands | Soundspace

Premiere: Roman Lindau – With My Hands

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Rating: 8.5

“Music has always coursed through Roman Lindau’s blood. Even if he weren’t the accomplished producer and respected DJ he is today, the German audiophile would still be spending all his money on the stuff.”

The late 2000’s were the setting for Lindau’s surfacing in Berlin. His first track came in 2008 on the Fachwerk Recordings imprint and appeared in the world renowned Berghain Mix Compilations, mixed by Len Faki. A track from Ben Klock’s 2009 Berghain mix followed, paving the way for many a set at the infamous Berlin club.

Pan-Pot’s Second State Audio have enlisted the services of Lindau for a five track EP that twists and turns its way through the “multitude of sounds and emotions from deep to heavy to whimsical and back again.”

We premiere ‘With My Hands’, a minimal track with a splash of soul. Percussion grinds its way forward as industrial style synths smoulder together with soulful vocals, creating a laser that burns a hole straight through the dancefloor, whilst a hint of acid is detected, the track continues to suprise the listener with its many elements.

Strange Brew EP is due out on Second State Audio on September 23rd.