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Premiere: Jakobin & Domino – Lamar

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Rating: 7.5

Austrian duo Jakobin & Domino follow releases on Luv Shack Records and Large with a release on Innercity Records. The label, which was established in 2013, describes its aesthetic as “strictly house with groove and attitude”, so that lets you know a little about what’s coming.

Georg Nadler and Dominik Huber formed a friendship whilst at school over fifteen years ago thanks to a shared passion for skating and eclectic music. The pair share an admiration for the up tempo house beat, and this is clearly visible throughout their body of work.

Lamar showcases forward thinking house whilst also providing a glimpse into the past. Early dance inspiration is clear as the house jam powers on with a relentless groove. We can’t sit still.

Lamar is out on November 21st on Innercity Records.