Premiere: El Prevost ft. D.Ham ‘Novo Bop’ (Carl Micheal Go With It Remix)

PREMIERE: El Prevost ft. D.Ham - Novo Bop (Carl Micheal G With It Remix)

Rating: 7.0

Manchester producer Carl Micheal brings his remixing skills to the table as No Speakers boss El Prevost calls upon him.

El Prevost – alongside D.Ham on top line duties – delivers his ‘Novo Bop EP’, a 5 track release packaging an original mix alongside remixes from Moody Waters, Wbezza, Rob Perry and Carl Micheal.

Micheal’s remix is an upbeat and bouncy contrast to the original, quirky percussion and a hypnotic approach to the vocal turns things to a blend of funk and tech.

El Prevost’s Novo Bop EP is available from 21st April on No Speakers.