Premiere: Alexander Aurel – Le Sume (Gunnar Stiller Remix)

Premiere: Alexander Aurel - Le Sume (Gunnar Stiller Remix)

Rating: 7.5

Tracks from Mlanden Tomic, fran&co and amongst others have put German label My Favourite Freaks in an advanced position as an output for high quality house and techno. One of the latest artists to make an appearance is Berlin-based Gunnar Stiller with a remix for Alexander Aurel’s Le Sume.

Having premiered the original mix, we thought it would be only fitting to run a premiere for Stiller’s remix, bringing crunchy percussion, swaying bass tones and an array of loud synth pulses influenced heavily by distortion.

Gunnar Stiller has previously released with Upon.You and has been seen playing sets at clubs like Katerblau and Watergate. Also present on the remix EP for Alexander Aurel’s ‘Your Shhh’ are Miguel Bastida and Ramon Tapia.

Alexander Aurel’s Your Shhh Remix EP is available April 6 on My Favourite Freaks.