Enrico Sangiuliano returns to Drumcode for debut album ‘Biomorph’

Enrico Sangiuliano returns to Drumcode for debut album 'Biomorph'

Known for tunes like Astral Projection, Blooming Era and Moon Rocks (that have gathered millions of plays across YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify), widely loved Italian artist Enrico Sangiuliano returns to Adam Beyer’s Drumcode imprint this June for his debut album; Biomorph.

The album will be split into four different parts, and will include a total of nine tracks which Drumcode call “A very special concept album designed to take the listener on a journey of evolution”.

Combining the usual dark and mechanical sounds that Enrico’s style leans on with incredible transients and cutting edge rhythms, Biomorph will not only mark a new chapter in his own story, but that of Drumcode to.

1. Organisms
00:00 – Functional Basic Unit Of Life
01:40 – Multicellular
08:52 – Generative Model

2. Cosmic Forces
00:00 – Cosmic Ratio
06:06 – Hidden T

3. Metamorphosis
00:00 – Arboreal
04:16 – Symbiosis

4. Two Probabilities
00:00 – New Dawn (Probability I)
08:27 – End Of Life (EOL) (Probability II)

Enrico Sangiuliano’s Biomorph will drop June 1st on Drumcode. You can pre-order here, or stream ‘Symbiosis’ from the album below.